Three United Nations offices hacked

As reported by Computing, according to a confidential internal report, leaked to The New Humanitarian, the United Nations was hacked via a Microsoft SharePoint vulnerability last year, with 20 administrative accounts compromised and malware implanted on 40 servers. Furthermore, the UN chose to cover-up the attack, which has been described as “sophisticated”, rather than publicly disclosing it.
Jake Moore, Cybersecurity Expert at ESET:
“I believe no one should be covering up attacks in any way, shape or form. We have learnt that being open and honest about cyberattacks can in fact help the brands and organisations in the wake of these hacks and help build stronger defences going forward. 
Owning up to a data breach or vulnerability usually brings the cyber security industry together, and can provide help and support. It also helps other organisations who may be at risk with similar vulnerabilities. Although it is yet to be seen how this attack was carried out, there is a lot to be learnt within the industry about reporting breaches, and hopefully over the next few years we will start to see a more honest approach.”