“Trump Yourself” Facebook app – could your privacy could be at risk?

Paul Bischoff, security and privacy advocate for Comparitech.com is warning users about a new Facebook app from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign that invites users to “Trump Yourself”, as it could have privacy implications for users.

In a blog on the subject, available here: https://www.comparitech.com/blog/vpn-privacy/trump-yourself-facebook-app-hands-your-email-over-to-clinton-campaign/, Bischoff states, “The email permission is toggled on by default and, if switched off, won’t allow the game to function. Small print at the bottom of the Trump Yourself page reads, “By using Trump Yourself, you’ll be opted in to Hillary for America’s emails.”

He continues in a comment to press: “Though a Facebook app that collects data on users is nothing new, but what is troubling is Hillary for America’s fast and loose privacy policy.

“The policy states that information gathered through social media can be used to “Help connect you with other supporters, and to solicit volunteers, donations and support for HFA and for candidates, issues and organizations that we support.” If a user submits to the terms of Trump Yourself, they can also be targeted with advertisements.

“The policy goes on to say HFA’s data can be used to “Personalize and improve the Sites and provide advertisements, content or features that match user profiles or interests or that are based on the information you provide or the actions you take.”

“To make matters worse, HFA seems to have no qualms with sharing users’ data with third parties, according to the privacy policy. This could mean someone who decided to play Trump Yourself one time is added to a voter database shared with consultants, vendors, other candidates, political groups, and more.”