UK and Singapore agree to increase cooperation in cyber security

Earlier this week, Prime Minister David Cameron announced that UK and Singapore have agreed to increase cooperation in cyber security:

Reacting to the announcement, Ian Shaw, managing director of MWR InfoSecurity said, “We fully support this announcement and, infact, we are already active in the region, offering a range of cyber security services to Singaporean businesses and government agencies.”

“We think further cooperation, particularly the funding for research and development, is a tremendous step forward as the security of new technologies is vital for Singapore to meet its ambition to become a Smart Nation. In fact, over the last twelve months, we have been sharing our innovative research in Cyber Defence, Smart Energy and Smart City security.

“One of our Singapore based researchers, Yong Chuan Koh, recently offered insights to Microsoft Office sandboxing – the first in this space. His findings covered the Protected-View sandbox internals including its architecture, its initialisation sequence and the system resource restrictions.”

Speaking before presenting at ReCon Canada recently, MWR Singapore researcher Yong Chuan Koh said, “Criminals will always be looking for ways to fine tune their code to slip past defences and, as the defenders, its our job to make sure they’re unsuccessful. A key part of this, I believe, is research.”

Matt Alderman, VP of Strategy at Tenable Network Security also commented on the announcement stating;

“Singapore’s commitment to security is evident with the creation of the Cyber Security Agency earlier this year.  This agreement with the UK could have a very positive affect in cultivating new talent not only for the implementation of better security capabilities, but better response during security breaches. Singapore and the Asia Pacific region continue to feel the pressures of a shortage of information security professionals.  By 2020, this shortage is predicted to be 1.5M.  Cyber security talent development is a critical initiative and it’s great to see cooperation across regions.”