UK Holidaymakers’ Data exposed for Three Years

Over 200,000 customers’ personal details were exposed in the Teletext Holidays breach due to an unsecured Amazon Web Services server, personal information like names, dates of birth, email and home addresses, flight times and card details.

Commenting on this, Bill Conner, CEO, Sonicwall says,

“Organisations and government entities carry a responsibility to consumers and civilians alike to guard their most valuable information at all cost.

Personal information that does not change as easily as a credit card or bank account number drive a high price on the Dark Web. This kind of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is highly sought after by cybercriminals for monetary gain. Companies should be implementing security best practices such as a layered approach to protection, as well as proactively updating any out of date security devices, as a matter of course.

Organisations should learn from breaches like this by taking the opportunity to ensure there are no gaps in their systems for criminals to leverage, stopping them at the edge before they have a chance to infiltrate the network. Once they’re in, they’re able to move laterally to identify the sensitive data that’s highly valued on the dark web.”