UK home secretary, Amber Rudd tells tech firms to do more to fight terrorism

In light of today’s meeting between the home secretary, Amber Rudd, and tech giants Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter, Please find a comment below on the ongoing efforts to combat terrorism.

Comments from Stuart Nash, managing director at

“Rapidly evolving technology creates a broader and more complex environment for national security services that need to be policed. New generations of criminals, terrorists and state sponsored hackers that have been born in the tech era are putting readily available consumer technology to use alongside more secretive areas of the dark web.

Governments now have some very difficult questions to try to find answers to. Nationally each country must now decide how to balance personal privacy with national security. In democracies, especially those with strong judicial oversight, this is a very contentious area.

This is complicated by the practical acts of policing such quickly evolving technology. In an ecosystem that is not bound by national borders, and where code can be replicated and moved to non-regulated jurisdictions or hidden on the dark web in minutes, the challenge is daunting and can only be met with well planned and executed policy and close cooperation between nation states.”