Worlds largest youth run agency exposes 4 million intern applications on Elasticsearch server- Comment

It has been reported that AIESEC, labelled as the “world’s largest youth-run organisation,” has been found to have exposed over four million intern applications, which contain sensitive and personal information, after failing to apply a password onto an Elasticsearch server.

The database contained “opportunity applications” contained the applicant’s name, gender, date of birth, and the reasons why the person was applying for the internship.

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Commenting on the news is Jonathan Deveaux, Head of Enterprise Data Protection at comforte AG:

“Merry belated Christmas, millennials. By the way, your data was exposed… Of the 4 million intern applications unprotected, a company rep claims only 40 of the records were actually exposed.

No matter what the count is, it just goes to continue prove a major point… companies all around the world are not all protecting personal data. When writing personally identifiable information on to a database or file, organizations need to do more. Even just following the basics sometimes, would help. Even though this company is a Non-profit organization, GDPR fines may still apply.  If “Taylor Smith” was tokenized and protected as “FSLIDB ZPMDQ” we wouldn’t be having this issue.”