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The History of Cryptography and the Modern Enigma of Digital Certificates

Written by DFM Team

The History of Cryptography and the Modern Enigma of Digital Certificates

The history of cryptography, public key infrastructure and the implications for cyber security are not always realised, but they are critical and profound. In the mid 1990’s with the continued explosion of personal computers, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) was globally adopted. PKI was made up of digital certificates issued by Certificate Authorities (CA’s) and encryption keys. These certificates and keys are electronic credentials that provide authentication and validation of every user and every device, they also play a vital part in encryption and decryption. In May 2020 a research team, was asked to run passive scans on a number of US and Canadian government and country domains, what was discovered at several sites clearly evidenced systemic issues that if left unchecked and not remediated, could enable infiltration, traversing and lateral movement across these and other connected domains.

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