Sunday, July 14 2024


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Here’s just a few of the fantastic articles inside Issue 46…

Investigating A Digital Bank Robbery

Lakmal Senanayake and Brian Cusack take an in-depth look at what happens during a modern-day digital bank robbery.

How Graph Technology Shines a Light on Organisational Risk

Amy Hodler applies her research into Graph Databases and applies them to the world of cyber security and digital forensics.

QRCodes: Understanding the Security Threats

QR codes have become critical to digital infrastructure, but what are the potential security risks of this newly normalised technology? Zach Flemming investigates.

Digital Investigation of Fake News

The first in a multi-part article series taking an in depth look at how Fake News is investigated. In this first part Natasha Omezi outlines the problem.

Plus all the regular features, news, our legal section and From The Lab…

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